20 Nov 2023 / in UK Blog / by Amy O'Connell

With just a month remaining in 2023, there are still stories to pitch, news to share, and mentions to monitor. But our efforts can now start shifting into the important process of planning for the new year.

To get a head start on your planning and prep for 2024, we've curated a collection of must-read articles to help you get ready for the exciting opportunities and very real challenges ahead. From taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to building trust in your brand, these articles offer a comprehensive perspective on some of the most pressing topics for PR and comms.

Bestof 2023 Articles

How to Start Using AI for PR and Communications Today

If you're curious about AI but don't know where to start, this step-by-step guide will help you take advantage of AI in your workflow and start using AI with confidence.

PR and Brand Reputation: Forging Trust in the Age of Scepticism

If managing your brand’s reputation or preparing for a crisis keeps you awake at night, these strategies for building trust and fostering brand loyalty will help you rest easy.

How Do You Measure PR? Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If proving your ROI and advocating for budget is high on your priority list, check out these expert tips on measuring PR and demonstrating value to stakeholders.

Journalists Discuss the PR Pitches That Got Their Attention for Better or Worse

If you want to build better relationships with journalists and secure more earned media, these insights, provided directly from journalists, cover the biggest do’s and don’ts of pitching and what they really want from communicators.

How Brands Can Battle Misinformation (And Why They Need To)

If you're wary about the rise of misinformation in 2024 (particularly with elections on the horizon), this guide will take you through ways to actively engage in the battle against harmful content to protect brand reputation.

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