Sentiment has been the communication industry’s go-to solution for audience analysis for well over a decade. Despite its flaws, it’s been the only way to interpret the intent behind people’s words at scale.

Now there’s another way, and it’s called ‘Stance’. Cision’s latest research in AI natural language processing technology has made this model a better way to understand the true intentions of an audience.

Think of Stance as sentiment plus context. Rather than simply classifying words (for example, a tweet) as objectively positive, negative or neutral, a Stance model considers whether they are subjectively positive, negative or neutral in sentiment towards a given keyword or topic.

Want to know more about Stance? Our guide will give you an overview, including:

  • The challenges with sentiment analysis and how Stance overcomes them
  • How Stance differs by adding context to understand people’s words at scale
  • Worked examples to demonstrate the value of Stance vs sentiment

Download our Stance guide today to see how it can help you and your comms team better understand nuances in language and opinions.

Stance is an upcoming feature in the new CisionOne platform. Reach out to one of our experts today to arrange a CisionOne consultation.

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Download Stance: The Next Generation of Sentiment Analysis

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