We help you connect to the best in the PR community to help you get relevant press releases, information, press trips etc. Through our alerts and partnerships (such as Society of Editors, Journalists’ Charity, Women in Journalism etc.), we also connect you with other journalists/influencers to network and make new contacts.

Cision Gorkana Media Moves

Keen to shout about a new job, change of beat, new launch or even pick up some commissions?

Our free email alerts keep you up to speed with all the latest media news and moves - whether it’s UK or US editions, we’ve got the full round up.


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You can search and advertise for a range of journalism and PR vacancies with us, whether it’s a permanent, contract or freelance position.

Our job website is the leading source of editorial and production vacancies in the UK, and we have thousands of journalists visiting the site every week.


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Our free service allows journalists to contact our PR clients when they need help with editorial content.

You can request anything - from expert comments, to case studies, as well as images, interviews, products to review, press trips, information and even competition prizes.


Update your media database profile

We’re extremely proud of the accuracy of our media database which lists thousands of journalists, bloggers, writers and media influencers.

Our Cision Gorkana research team works hard to verify all the data we have, but if you would like to update your profile, or get started and create a new one, then simply fill in the form on the next page.


Get to Know the Cision Gorkana Media Research Team

Unlike competitors that scrape the web for any and all contact information, Cision employs a team of dedicated (human!) professionals that makes over 20k updates a day to our traditional media records. Our team combines the power of technology and human intelligence to provide you with the most up to date and accurate contact and pitching information.

For more information on our team of experts, how they maintain contacts, add new contacts and other projects they provide their insight on, download the free solution brief today.