Navigating Today’s PR and Communications Challenges


According to Gartner, the top challenges facing communications teams during the Pandemic were “employee change fatigue”, audience information overload, difficulty in prioritisation of high-value projects, and the need to adapt to ever-changing environments. Needless to say, these rapid shifts have now resulted in communications teams becoming more adaptable, resilient to crisis, and efficient in their functioning.


What has also changed since 2020 is the audience, in terms of location, consumption and expectation, and the channels industry professionals have to spread the message. These transformations have resulted in the comms landscape witnessing a sea-change that is sure to usher in a new era for the industry, or glow-up, if any gen Z’s are reading…


In light of Cision’s ongoing mission to help businesses understand their news and audience data so that they can operate more efficiently and make more intelligent strategic decisions at every level, we’ve taken a look at some of the most talked about topics across the industry and unearthed a few important gems for brands to keep abreast of…


Data’s Role in Refining Communications Strategy

Real-time news and content streams is now the default setting, but not every business is positioned to extract the insight to make the important decisions. We’ll be looking at how businesses can unlock the value of media and audience data and stay ahead of the increasing volume of data   

How to go global: crafting stories that transcend borders 

One of the most significant impacts of the Pandemic, and the prolonged period of social distancing that followed it, was brands’ capabilities to formulate unified, democratised messaging strategies that cross global boundaries. Hence, it’s vital that comms teams demonstrate a keen understanding of their regional markets, whilst operating within a global framework.   


The growing importance of ESG in Corporate Communications

ESG standards continue to rise in importance as the consumer benchmark for brands. Businesses are under scrutiny like never before, and C-Suite conversations are shifting from “profit” to “purpose”. If anything, the Pandemic slowed momentum, but now ESG is back on track.


Enhancing Social Media and Influencer Marketing Strategies 

The metaverse may still be some time away, but the position social media plays in our daily lives needs constant attention and data analysis. Given that 57% of consumers already follow a brand, we’re forecasting how brands can sustain relevant, real conversations and find the right platforms that support, not compete with, their traditional media channels.   

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