How to go global: crafting stories that transcend borders


Today, brands must think in terms of audience first and location second. Gen Z and Millennials speak a more universal language, whether it’s through Twitch streams, memes or Tik Tok videos, that are less restricted to geographical location.    

  • The media, news, and entertainment they consume is international, their values increasingly shared. Brands who make a point of adapting messaging to a perceived national or regional stereotype might blunder in doing so where the choice seems forced or contrived. 
  • So, while opportunities to craft global stories are indeed growing, it’s of vital importance that brands take the time to appropriately source responsible storytellers capable of discerning cross-cultural differences.  
  • In turn, each press release feeds back valuable insight to help optimise campaigns, such as views, hits and influencer interaction. A global brand can have complete visibility of local, granular performance.  

Download How to go global: crafting stories that transcend borders to learn more about how your messaging can be universalised.   


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