16 January 2019 / in Industry News / by Alister Houghton

Why building an Influencer Graph will change your media relations strategy


When communicators implement the media relations aspect of their campaigns, they will always have target publications from which they need to secure coverage.

Whether these are the big national newspapers, key consumer and trade titles or the local publications at the heart of their communities, PR professionals will have identified these key wins based on a number of factors, such as the number of readers they have.

However, basing a media outreach strategy on quantitative figures like this means that while communicators could reach a vast number of potential consumers, there is no way to determine the how many people your message will really resonate with.

With smaller online titles and a vast array of influencers now a key part of any media relations strategy, qualitative measures, such as how the target title’s audience overlaps with a campaign’s target audience, must become as important as traditional quantitative metrics.

This is where the Influencer Graph comes into play.

A tenet of Earned Media Management, the Influencer Graph reverses the traditional outreach process in media relations, where communicators choose their favoured outlets and hope they reach their target audience.

Instead, PRs identify who they actually want their campaign to reach, then determine which outlets and influencers have the best overlap with that audience, rather than just simply aiming for the highest reach.

Cision’s latest white paper – Building an Influencer Graph: an Earned Media Management strategy – explores why identifying your target audience first, then finding the journalists and influencers whose content is consumed by this demographic – is crucial.

Discover how adopting the Influencer Graph concept can make your media outreach more efficient and effective by filling in the form below and downloading the white paper now.

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