Don't let a crisis ruin your PR strategy


Along with promoting an organisation’s work, one of the central pillars of a PR’s role is to protect your organisation’s reputation. Dealing with crises and ensuring that your employer or client emerges through difficult periods with their reputation intact is perhaps the most crucial of the traditional comms functions.



  • Crisis Communications Checklist – Use this 10-step checklist to guide you through a crisis, from developing your messaging and reviewing it with your legal team to monitoring for coverage and responses.
  • The Four Steps to Building a Foolproof Crisis Comms Response E-book – Learn how to identify when a threat may happen, analyse the coverage around a crisis, and craft a genuine, timely response for your audience.
  • Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty – We've put together a tip sheet of some best practices for brand communications to help you become a trusted source of information for your industry in trying times.


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