In our Media Coffee series, we interview journalists from leading organisations across global markets to uncover the best ways to communicate with the media. 

In this webinar we hear from Rubén Marcos of Spanish news agency Europa Press. Rubén takes us through the media landscape in Spain, his recommendations for attracting a journalist’s attention and how to get press releases on point.

Europa Press is one of the largest private news agencies in Spain. It was founded in 1953, as an independent company with two main principles: professionalism and independence.

5 things to look out for from Europa Press’s Rubén Marcos:

  • Alongside providing pictures and video to news agencies, think about including sounds bites that radio stations can use 
  • WhatsApp is an increasingly popular methods for journalists in Spain to request interviews 
  • Avoid sending press releases early in the morning and aim for the afternoon instead (unless your news is time-sensitive) 
  • Check ahead when sending press releases to ensure they don’t clash with any holidays or celebrations that could delay pick-up 
  • Make sure you have a spokesperson ready to answer any follow-up questions journalists may have


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