How do you track a brand that’s seen more than heard?


Everybody loves a story! That's why crafting narratives which keep audiences abuzz is crucial to any PR strategy. Adidas is looking to change lives through sport but how is Adidas content resonating with their key audiences?

To understand what’s being discussed about Adidas and the shape of their profile on social media, our Insights team used written and image recognition to detect the Adidas logo. It became immediately clear that Adidas is an overwhelmingly visual brand - for every written mention of Adidas on social media, there are more than two images that contain the Adidas logo. What this tells us is that if Adidas want to shape the way that they are perceived, or if they want to change their messaging, it is a brand that will need to do that via imagery - it is a brand that is seen more than it is heard.  

Learn how Adidas steered conversations on social through engaging visual narratives.   




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