The Growing Importance of ESG in Communications


As communications professionals, we’re no strangers to jargon and industry terminology. And while our plates are sufficiently full with comms phraseologies, these days there’s one acronym we welcome with open arms and that’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).     

  • It shouldn’t come as a shock to see the communications industry awash with ESG talk today, especially when studies such as Accenture’s “From Me to We” revealed that 62% of consumers are now choosing “purpose-led” brands over those that would have been traditionally product or service-led. 
  • With the world at our fingertips now more than ever, there’s really no excuse for brands to turn a blind eye to global events. But with mounting pressure, comes an avalanche of media attention and expectations for brands to act decisively.  
  • It may come as no surprise then, that comms professionals are on the lookout for a trusted tool that enables them to get in touch with the right voices to get their messages across.  
  • Given how press releases are still as crucial to optimising corporate communications as they were previously, PR Newswire serves as the ideal channel for brands to disseminate their ESG narratives.  

Download The growing importance of ESG in Corporate Communications to learn more about how to optimise brand messaging whilst managing brand reputation and maximising investment opportunities.   


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