The APAC landscape can seem a daunting one for those unfamiliar with the region. Its cultures are diverse and media consumption habits vary from market to market.

Comms teams working across APAC need to understand these differences and nuances to get ahead. That’s why we’re bringing you the APAC Media Landscape 2022, an in-depth three-part guide to nine markets: Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

To learn more about the unique media environment, download our three APAC Media Landscape 2022 guides now.


APAC Media Landscape 2022: Australia

Australia has long held a significant relationship with the rest of the world, particularly in shared English-language countries where heritage and values often overlap. The Australian media has seen significant change in recent years, and in APAC Media Landscape 2022: Australia we’re taking a closer look at how the industry has evolved.   


APAC Media Landscape 2022: East Asia

The APAC Media Landsape 2022: East Asia presents an in-depth guide to four markets in the area: mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. In the report you’ll learn about: the region's biggest newspapers, magazines and digital outlets and the key role technology is playing in driving content producion..


APAC Media Landscape 2022: Southeast Asia

This edition of our APAC Media Landscape 2022 guide puts the spotlight on four countries in the Southeast Asia area: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It examines how the events of the last two years has re-shaped the media and how news consumption is evolving and paid subscriptions taking off.


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