Today’s PR and comms teams are thinking in global terms more than ever. With cutting-edge digital tools at their disposal, messaging from Europe can cross over to (and resonate in) APAC. 

Australia has long held a significant relationship with the rest of the world, particularly in shared English-language countries where heritage and values often overlap. The Australian media has seen significant change in recent years, and in APAC Media Landscape 2022: Australia we’re taking a closer look at how the industry as evolved.

In the report you’ll find:

  • An overview of Australia’s media landscape post-COVID
  • A look at key happenings in the area, including landmark Google and Facebook legislation
  • Who are Australia’s big players? Newspapers, magazines, TV, online and more
  • The outlook for the region in 2022 

To learn more about the unique media environment, download APAC Media Landscape 2022: Australia now.

Knowing Your Audience Report Cover

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