24 June 2019 / in Industry News / by Alister Houghton

For a long time, the goal of organisations on social media was simply to “go viral”, rather than lead a conversation. Thankfully, as the discipline has matured, brands have looked to engage in conversations and “be social”.

However, even with this more realistic output, how can you conjure magical social campaigns which engage. And what does that engagement even mean when it comes to business priorities?

In the concluding session of CommsCon X Insights, Oracle’s Chris Talago, Colgate-Palmolive’s Jenn Day and social media guru William Bonaddio will discuss how to communicate on social in a way which drives engagement, and how communicators can interpret what that engagement means for their organisation.

In a panel discussion moderated by AMEC global MD Johna Burke, the trio will examine the differences of what constitutes social “magic” for B2C and B2B brands, the balance between content creation and content amplification and how to plan and use metrics which really get to the heart of what your social campaigns are doing for your organisation.

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