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Svenska Telegrambyran, the Swedish Press Agency is founded.

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Henry Romeike founded the first clipping bureau in London.

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The advertising department of Svenska Telegrambyran is established and includes a press-clipping service eventually known as Pressurklipp (Press Clippings).

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Bacon’s Clipping Bureau is founded, begins the production of media books and creates the first how-to guide for public relations.

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Bacon’s issues Bacon’s Publicity Checker. The directory includes names of publications and contact information for editors and reporters.


Bacon’s introduces press release mailing services.


Bacon’s Clipping Bureau and Romeike & Curtice Ltd. of London launch a joint enterprise called Bacon’s Information International.


K-III Communications buys Bacon’s Information, later changes its name to Primedia Inc.


Bacon’s Information offers three types of services including directories, distribution of press releases and monitoring of press material. Bacon’s Information is ranked as one of the three largest national clipping services.


Bacon’s and MediaMap announce a strategic alliance to combine their respective media databases and PR software.


Sifo Group AB owns Pressurklipp, acquires the Romeike Group. The acquisition makes Fifo the largest media monitoring company in the world. Sifo later changes its name to Observer AB.


Primedia sells Bacon’s Information to Observer AB. Observer AB is a global leader in the media intelligence industry.

2002 - 2005

Bacon’s Information acquires Chicago News, MediaPulse, Media Clips Inc., Delahaye Medialink, Multivision.


Bacon’s Information and parent company Observer AB are rebranded as Cision. Cision’s campaign management software launches as CisionPoint.

2014 - 2015

Cision merge with Vocus and adds Gorkana Group, Visible Technologies, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), iContact and ViralHeat.


Cision acquires Gorkana Group, a top UK Based media intelligence and data insights service provider


Cision acquires PR Newswire which includes CNW, MultiVu, ProfNet, PRNJ and VPO.


Cision acquires Bulletin Intelligence. Capitol Acquisition Corp. III to combine with Cision in order to become a publicly listed company. Cision agrees to acquire L’Argus de la Presse. Bacon’s Information acquires Chicago News, MediaPulse, Media Clips Inc., Delahaye Medialink, Multivision.


Cision becomes a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange as (NYSE: CISN).


Cision acquires CEDROM-SNi Inc. specializing in digital media monitoring solutions.

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Cision acquires Prime Research which allows Cision to enhance global leadership position in professional services for media measurement insights and ROI analysis for communications programs, and further advances its AI and machine learning technologies.


Cision acquires ShareIQ Visual Recognition Technology. The addition of ShareIQ technology to the Cision Communications Cloud, Cision becomes the first earned media platform in the industry to monitor, analyze and attribute value to both text and visual content.


Cision acquires leading social media company Falcon.io and Trendkite, a leading provider of media monitoring and measurement services, social media influencer management, and engagement tools.


Cision announces that it has been acquired by an affiliate of Platinum Equity in a transaction valued at approximately $2.7 billion.


As of January 31, 2020, Cision is a privately held company. Cision shares ceased trading on the New York Stock Exchange before the open of market.


Cision acquires Brandwatch, a global leader in digital consumer intelligence and social media listening.