Aim of this report:

The aim of this report is to communicate our overall Gender Pay Gap figures and how we intend to address any gender pay gap that arises.

This report complies with the 2017 Government Regulations that stipulate companies in England, Scotland and Wales with 250 or more employees on
the snapshot date of 5th April 2018 are required to carry out mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting.

This will need to be published annually showing the difference between the median and average pay of male and female employees.

The data presented in this report represents the gender pay data for Cision Group Limited (formerly Gorkana Group Limited) with a snapshot date of April 5th 2018 using our HR and payroll records.



There are six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation.

  1. Mean (average) gross hourly rate of pay
  2. Median gross hourly rate of pay
  3. Mean bonus pay
  4. Median bonus pay
  5. Proportion of males/females in hourly rate of pay quartiles (four bands)
  6. Proportion of males/females in receipt of bonuses in the last 12 months before the snapshot date

The median represents the middle value within the data set. The mean represents the average value within the data set.

The bonus period for the purposes of the bonus calculations range from April 1st 2017 to April 5th 2018.


What the figures say:

The UK average gender pay gap according to the Office of National Statistics is currently 17.9%. We are pleased to report that our pay gap figure as of the snap shot date 05 April 2018 is -0.1 % which means women are paid better than men.

The mean pay gap is 6.5% in favour of men. There is no gender pay gap for the median bonus payment which currently stands at 0.1%.

But the mean bonus gender pay gap is 25.4%.

Even though our results are positive, there is still room for improvement and we will continually strive to make a difference.