Industry is facing a sharp resurgence in Shareholder Activism globally with suboptimal ESG communicators identified as the most vulnerable to activism engagement.    

Andrew Archer, Head of ESG Advisory at Investor Update speaks to some of the most influential players in the ESG industry, reflecting the scope, ambition and urgency with which they address the ESG Activism opportunity set.

In this paper you will learn more about:  

  • Activism as a Force for Good - Integrating ESG and Activism 
  • The ESG Arbitrage - The High-Risk Categories of Complacency, Incompetence and Ignorance   
  • An Industry in Flux – Changing Structure and Notable Trends 
  • Lessons from Recent Campaigns and the key protagonists 
  • Consequences of the COVID Pandemic – A Coiled Spring of Deferred Activity  
  • Best Defence - Disclosure Dynamics and Proactive Engagement  
  • The Future of ESG Activism and The Rise of Constructionism 

    Despite the seductive polarisation of the industry as a cast of heroes and villains, the reality is that the vast majority of companies aim to be both profitable and responsible. Some efforts have been driven by far-sighted management but much of the action taken has been in response to regulation and standard setting, spurred on by the increasing pressure being brought to bear by the investment community. But what if a company’s reporting and disclosure under-represents the physical, operational achievements of a company? What if its ESG narrative and communication strategy falls short of the underlying reality? That is where the ESG Arbitrage is most immediate and where Activist Investors will direct their efforts through challenge and campaign to effect change.

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    About Investor Update

    Investor Update is a fast-growing Investor Relations consultancy providing listed companies with near real-time/ on-demand disclosure and updates of key investors' holdings in their stock, as well as related services such as Investor Targeting, Proxy Solicitation and ESG analysis and advisory. 

    Our firm is made up of leading industry experts who are focused on equipping corporate clients (and/or their advisors) with actionable shareholding data/intelligence and advice to enhance, track and plan investor relations activities and outreach, as well as to enable better corporate strategies around M&A or ECM activity, events and ESG. Please visit for more information. 


    Following this whitepaper, Cison and Investor Update organised a webinar where Justin Ruiss, Director of IR Activations at Cision, tackles key areas of ESG investing such as strategic positioning, vulnerability, and defence, and features comments from Gabrielle Wolf, Director of Proxy Solicitation at Innisfree M&A, Amanda Klein, Managing Director at Gashalter & Co. Inc, and author of the Investor Update ESG White Paper, Andrew Archer.  


    Watch here this interesting discussion about why companies should align their communication with Investors' thought processes of ESG.  

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