We live in an era where users hurry and scurry from one platform, device or channel to the next at supersonic speed. With so many twists, turns, and lapses, we find ourselves stranded amidst a sea of digital footprints with no map to guide us to our audiences (or so it may seem).

That's why our whitepaper Knowing Your Audience: The Secret to a Successful PR Strategy, provides a fresh solution on how your teams can trace metrics that matter, close common gaps, and dial up the impact of their comms campaigns.

This whitepaper explores how:

  • Fragmented audiences can be reached through tracing and tapping into data points that reflect their attitudes, behaviours, and sentiments 
  • These insights can then be used to uncover deeper stories, not only about audiences but also comms strategies and campaigns

Research by Cision in association with GWI also found that:

  • 56.1% of business decision makers are more interested in news and current affairs 
  • 66.1% see the internet as an important source of news

What would your teams do with this information? If you’re immediately thinking: “earned and paid media,” our whitepaper deserves your attention.

Knowing Your Audience Report Cover

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