Raconteur Insights | High Performance Media


Cision has collaborated with Raconteur to reveal the truths behind high performance media.


The report looks at PR in conjunction with the marketing function, and how brands must now formulate a strategy combining paid, owned and earned media.

With this notion at the heart, discover how data-driven PR can feed into marketing, the key consumer behaviours to tap into, and the trick to utilising influencers in your media strategy.

Finally, we uncover top tips on how to synchronise your brand – including uniting business functions and customer messaging, and harnessing data.

Download the guide now to learn how to build a successful communications strategy, and how to make your brand a valuable part of your consumers' lives.

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Articles include:

What is the perfect media mix?

Organisations have a plethora of channels available when communicating with their audiences but what is the most effective method for a company today? Is there a one size fits all formula, or are there other factors that should be taken into consideration? We discuss what brands should and should not be doing when it comes to developing a media strategy in 2020.


A media strategy that pays

The dawn of the digital era has meant that three letters dominate our professional lives – ‘R’, ‘O’ and ‘I’. But just how close are we to being able to trace a £40K new business sale to a feature in the Times or the latest radio campaign? Industry thought-leaders from various functions explore their views around the pitfalls and opportunities presented by these value-metrics.



The B2B benefits of influencer marketing

We know how impactful influencer marketing has become in the B2C world, but what about in the B2B world? We’ll showcase case studies where influencer marketing has paid off in a B2B world and evaluate how decision-makers could look to set themselves apart from competitors by working with influencers. 


5 ways to align your earned media with your owned and paid

Many organisations still have the marketing and PR teams operating in silos. Here we’ll be extolling the virtues of a united and consistent brand and how this can be achieved.