Learn how to find influencers, contact journalists, and create media partnerships that will enhance your PR strategy


If you wish to tell engaging stories - and do so more efficiently than the competition - then look no further. Download our latest white paper to explore how you can form reliable relationships with journalists, and find influencers for your brand, to share your stories with the right audiences.


With this white paper you will learn how to:

  • Build strong relationships with quality journalists and credible influencers;

  • Contact journalists and collaborate with them on PR campaigns to share compelling stories with the right audiences;

  • Create a complete communications platform that goes beyond just a media contacts database;

  • Track the right insights that will help you engage the right journalists and influencers for your campaigns.


At the heart of every successful PR campaign is a credible and comprehensive media contact list. However, to tell truly engaging stories, you have to choose the right contact for the right job - and that can be a struggle for any PR professional.  A PR strategy needs to go beyond news monitoring and media analysis to resonate with the target audience. So, if you’re wondering how to contact the media about a story, there are a number of aspects to consider.

Our latest white paper gives you the insights you need to not only form stronger, longer lasting relationships with your media contacts, but also forge working partnerships which are based on improved collaboration and communication.  Meaningful relationships with the right journalists, media outlets and influencers lie at a PR strategy’s core, and without them, you may have trouble connecting with your target audience.


So, take the plunge with us and discover how to build relationships with your media contacts that are truly going to make an impact on your campaigns.

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