In the latest Media Coffee Q&A, TradeArabia Editor, Sree Bhat, talks to us about working with the media in Bahrain and offers insight into getting press releases from journalist inboxes to editorial calendars.

Established in 1999, TradeArabia is one of the largest online news portals in the Middle East. It covers business news across various trade and industry sectors in the Gulf region.

Sree has more than 30 years of experience in India, the Gulf and Papua New Guinea, bringing a wealth of knowledge on digital and print editorial.

4 recommendations for working with journalists in Bahrain from Sree Bhat:

  • Press releases are selected based on relevance to each outlet; local news is always preferred

  • Always verify the information in your releases to ensure it is accurate

  • WhatsApp is increasingly being used as a method to contact journalists in Bahrain

  • Companies and brands always need to think about how their news impacts readers in Bahrain


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