For 13 years, PR and communications professionals have relied on Cision’s State of the Media Report to better understand the changing media landscape and emerging industry trends. 

We recently spoke with some of those professionals to learn how they’re putting these insights into practice – and now you can watch the on-demand webinar: 

Agency Insights on 2022 State of the Media

We gain insight into how PR agency teams use data to inform their work with both clients and the media. We also discussed emerging agency trends and best practices from leading firms.

Watch now to get answers to such questions as:

  • How are PR agency professionals building better relationships with journalists in a complicated media landscape? 
  • What are some techniques PR agency leaders have found to “break through the noise” in both traditional and social media? 
  • How has the pandemic changed the way PR agencies work? 

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen and learn from agency leaders at top PR firms about how they navigate an ever-evolving media landscape.

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Meet The Panelists: