Our latest episode of Media Coffee sees us speak to Ahmed Bahaa, journalist and senior translator at the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

Based out of Egypt and with more than 14 years of experience journalism, Ahmed is well placed to give insight into how the media works in the region.

Established in 1955, MENA is run by the Egyptian government and sends out news to subscribers in Arabic, English and French covering politics, the economy, sports, science, culture and the environment. Ahmed talks to us about his background in reporting, the local media landscape and offers some tips for getting your press releases seen in the Middle East.

3 key takeaways from MENA’s Ahmed Bahaa:

  • The media landscape in Egypt has been evolving with new forms of journalism emerging – consider podcasts as a way to reach a larger audience

  • Localisation is important – look to adapt your language when targeting the Arabic speaking market and make sure you are clear on the meaning of local expressions when any press release has been translated from another language

  • WhatsApp and Slack are becoming increasingly popular methods to follow up with journalists

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Meet The Panelists:

Media Coffee with Ahmed Bahaa