It's easy for brands to fall short when it comes to crisis communications – and that's exactly how it was for the aviation industry, which was under fire this summer travel season. An increase in travel amongst consumers coincided with staffing issues, resulting in queues, conflict and chaos.

As stories about flight cancellations, lost baggage and staff shortages started spreading like wildfire, customers took to online platforms to vent their frustrations. Caught amidst a chaotic storm of tweets, hashtags, and headlines, airlines like Lufthansa, Delta and Qantas saw their reputation rapidly, but inevitably, plummeting

However, a well-piloted, analytics-powered strategy ensured that businesses took control of the online conversation and chartered a course to successful crisis communication.

Cision Insights' expert analysts and brand-tracking technology helped produce actionable insights from data, helping airlines craft appropriate messages that spoke to their audiences.

This was done by:

  • Using social media to identify specific customer pain points across platforms and then addressing them in our messaging
  • Tying the solution to a measurable commitment that creates accountability

Watch our video above and learn about:

  • How though the problem was worldwide, media in the UK and USA had the greatest impact
  • How one airline turned more than 20,000 customer complaints into 56% greater visibility

The View from Cision Insights

"I'm Gina Logan and I'm a Solutions Engineer on Cision's Solutions Strategy and Consulting team. 

"I worked as Insights Lead on the airline project providing data and strategic intelligence, looking at the top brands in the sector for key findings around where users are airing grievances, how the media is covering it, and what airlines are doing about it.

"One of my big takeaways from this research is that customers value communication above all. Even amid frustrating cancellations and delays, users praised the airlines that kept them abreast of developments."

Gina Logan, Solutions Engineer



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