What are people saying about you on social media?

Tap into our AI-powered deep social listening to understand what is being said about your company, products and industry on digital channels worldwide. Insights appear on your dashboard in minutes, which you can use to manage your brand reputation, capitalise on trending stories and build smarter communications strategies.

Get real-time and historical insights with Cision Social Listening powered by Brandwatch. 

Access the world's largest archive of consumer voices

Tapping into conversations on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and hundreds of online forums and review sites. 

Gather instant insights quickly

Quickly make sense of the intelligence you've gathered with powerful topic wheels, automated sentiment and emotional classification 

Stay ahead with real time intelligence

Powered by Artificial Intelligence to detect peaks and surface trends. Content populates automatically in your dashboard within 1 minute of collection. 

Make smart, informed choices about your brand reputation

Stronger strategies start with understanding

Building stronger business and reputation strategies starts with understanding consumer conversations and how this aligns or differs from traditional media coverage. Harness reliable insights with analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to make it easy to find meaning in otherwise overwhelming chaos. 

Insights to respond with speed and confidence

Detect peaks and surface trends with leading Artificial Intelligence capabilities and receive alerts at the speed of conversation so you're always prepared in today's fast moving digital environment. Need to explore a topic quickly? Quick Search lets you discover insights on any competitor, trend or product. 

Showcase the metrics your business needs for brand reputation

Access the most complete offering of social sources your business needs with the graphs, measurements and widgets to find meaning out of conversations. Easily filter to see the insights you need. Track the changes over time to show your influence in how consumers think, talk and view your industry, brand, products and competitors. 

I am extremely pleased with Cision’s online media database and monitoring. I selected Cision after carefully considering all options because Cision offered the best quality products and services that fit my needs exactly.

Jim McKinley

Public Relations Manager

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