Johna Burke: Machines will help communicators, not replace them

Comms professionals should embrace new AI and machine learning technology, rather than fearing it will take their jobs, AMEC global […]

Lianna Brinded: There are things I would not have known about if PRs hadn’t reached out to me

PR professionals are crucial to informing journalists about sources or interviewees they may never have considered, head of Yahoo Finance […]

The Book of Man: We’re selective over the brands we work with

The Book of Man is very careful with the brands it chooses to partner with, its editor Martin Robinson revealed […]

Angelica Malin: We’re very open to PR pitches

About Time magazine runs more stories based on PR pitches than other outlets, editor-in-chief Angelica Malin revealed at this morning’s […]

Kev O’Sullivan: Measurement is a creative’s best friend

PR creatives rely on the work of research and measurement teams to prove their work is making an impact, FleishmanHillard […]

The Travel Magazine: “We like other people to feel that we’re special.”

The Travel Magazine values tailored, exclusive pitches which fit the title’s tone, editor Sharron Livingston revealed yesterday during the latest […]

Learn about The Travel Magazine in the latest CisionMeets… webinar

Now that we’re firmly ensconced into the new year, it’s now that consumers start to research travel destinations and book holidays for […]

MoneySavingExpert’s Katie Watts: Let’s start setting more thoughtful objectives

“PR success at the moment is so tightly linked to coverage that we forget that it is linked to what […]

All the highlights from #CommsCon18

We promised that CommsCon would be a day of discussion, insight and debate, and judging by the response we’ve had from […]