“PR success at the moment is so tightly linked to coverage that we forget that it is linked to what you’re actually trying to achieve,” MoneySavingExpert senior press officer Katie Watts explained in Cision’s latest webinar.



She warned that relying so heavily on sheer amount of coverage and reach was a poor way to evaluate the success of PR, especially for MoneySavingExpert, which looks to run campaigns following a purpose of helping people with their financial concerns.

“A good PR campaign will go much further than the coverage you get,” she added. “Why are we still setting ourselves reach-based objectives and trying to prove our value that way? The messages that last and remain in people’s minds are the ones that they really invest in, not the ones with the highest volumes of coverage and reach.”

Watts was joined by SE10 senior account director Hannah Kitchener and associate global PR and communications director Kerry Sheehan to discuss their takeaways from Cision’s CommsConand what they would personally be implementing in their 2019 comms strategies.

In a session moderated by Cision business development manager Flora Edward, the trio covered topics ranging from the importance of measurement, working with and understanding the media, how new technology will disrupt the industry and even the future of press releases.

The full write-up can be found here.