Wednesday, July 19
15:00 – 16:00
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For years, a newsroom was only found in newspapers, magazines and large media organisations, but now – from Akzo Nobel to Microsoft – more and more businesses and brands are creating them and using them to power their comms, content and social media activity.

So, while these content hubs use journalistic processes, structures and standards to help manage an increasingly complex flow of internal and external communications, what do you need to make a newsroom a success? And, what benefits do they bring to your PR and communications activity?

On the webinar, James Curtis and Abigail Levene, co-founders of corporate communications and content agency Stampa which works with Coca-Cola among others, will talk about the growing role of newsrooms within large corporations and discuss why more and more companies are setting them up.

You will hear about the benefits of bringing the disciplines of the newsroom into a corporate setting, get a wealth of tips on how to run a news-gathering operation across a company and learn how to instill journalistic techniques and principles in your team.

Topics explored on the webinar will include:
The growing popularity of corporate newsrooms
Key elements of a successful newsroom
What you can gain from running a newsroom