The latest instalment in our 2017 Cision webinar calendar – ‘How to hire the right talent as you grow your business’ is now available to watch again.

This webinar is brought to you in collaboration with TalentPool, the “talent-matching” platform which capitalises on new technology that enables them to bring SMEs and graduates together.

As well as giving us a condensed version of the current recruitment marketplace, and its five broad categories, our guest speakers also explained their golden 80:20 rule for hiring. This is that data, facts and candidate information should take up 80% of your decision on whether to make an appointment, and the remaining 20% is your emotional response to that candidate.

In addition, you’ll hear direct insight on:
• Identifying the need to hire
• How to write a job specification
• Why the ‘wrong’ people might be applying for your positions and how to alleviate this
• What the recent graduate work-force looks like
• Common pitfalls to avoid to make you effective in grad recruitment
• What job-seekers expect from an employer
• The real cost of your hires.

To finish the session, both guest speakers took on a number of questions from the audience.