7 Steps for PR Professionals to Build Better Relationships with Journalists

Creating strong pitches and connections


Getting your pitches to stand out has always been a difficult task if you're sending the same pitch to all your media contacts. It will take more than crafting a strong pitch to get your message out there, but the extra effort will go a long way.

Remembering that journalists are people too will put you on the path to building better relationships with those you send your pitches to. This e-book covers tips on what you should be doing – and what you should avoid – to develop and nurture lasting relationships with journalists.

Download the e-book for tips on:

  • How to do your research to find the right journalists for you

  • How to initiate and nurture a relationship with the right contacts

  • How to build strong relationships through your press releases

If you create a strong enough connection, over time you may find that journalists are coming to you as a source.



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