Track your story in real time to see what’s being reported about you and who your message is reaching with online media monitoring.

Gain insights

We monitor 250,000 news websites and provide complete metrics - including unique visitors per month and publicity value - for each article delivered to your software dashboard.

Monitor millions of sources

Cision delivers more than two million stories daily. Create ongoing searches for millions of online publications and news websites, or run ad hoc searches in our extensive media archive to find the articles you need.

Unlimited clips

There is no limit for your searches as well as on the amount of online news clips you are bringing in. So as your publicity soars, there's no need to worry about unwanted charges.

Dedicated support teams

Our team is trained in best practices when it comes to Boolean logic searches and are dedicated to performing this task to ensure consistency and accuracy. They act as your compass to help guide you in setting up search strings to pull in the most relevant content for your brand.

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